Gorgeous CG work for History Channel’s “Vikings”. Work by 

Platige Image.

HBO Latinoamerica - Reel

Here is some absolutely gorgeous eye-candy for you all, courtesy of Plenty, Pablo Alfieri, Andres Reisinger, Mariano Farias and a bunch of other swell folks. If it was done in Cinema 4D, they got some serious use of the Cloner Object. 

Aaron Draplin: Advice for the Young Graphic Designer (by betterwearahat)

Nice page layout with illustrated geometrics by NAUGHTYFISH

"You have to be able to tell clients when they don’t know shit." — My idol. George Lois.

Nick Campbell, aka Greyscale Gorilla talks at Creative Mornings.

The Arrival illustration by Signalnoise, aka James White. I’ve always loved his style but this new look really has me inspired. Check out his other work at http://www.signalnoise.com

“Do Not Seek Praise. Seek Criticism.”
— Paul Arden